Currently we are offering five programs, which can be divided into following two categories:

Programs For Children

We have three programs aimed at building the child’s character and instilling lifelong Muslim habits by imparting healthy and accurate Islamic knowledge. Our focus is to instill the love and consciousness of Allah(Swt) in a way that Islamic principles and etiquette become an integral part of the child’s daily life. In all programs, teaching is based on latest teaching techniques and age appropriate activities and interaction, keeping in view key principles of child psychology.



Miftah Al Quran (Key to Quran) is a program designed for teaching Quranic recitation. Detailed lesson plans can be found in the book “Miftah ul Quran” (see the section Published Books). Classes are held at least 3-4 times per week, after school hours. Hence children from various schools and backgrounds come together to improve their tajweed. [read_more url=”http://www.hamaraybachchay.com/our-programmes/miftah-al-quran/”]





Manar Al Islam (Beacon of Islamic light) is a program designed for character building of children from age 3 to10 years. Different subjects and activities have been designed as a part of this course to reinforce ethical and moral values and make them good Muslims. This program is conducted as a weekly class on the weekend, so that maximum children can avail the opportunity to learn and practice Islam with real confidence and comprehension.
[read_more url=”http://www.hamaraybachchay.com/our-programmes/manar-al-islam/”]



Misbah Al Quran (Light of Quran) is another of our programs for children. When children are in the pre-adolescent period, their effort to understand the world and relate it to religion increases. That is the time to connect them directly to the text of the Quran, so that they can develop a strong bond with Allah and understand the principles of Islam for themselves. Misbah ul Quran therefore focuses on 10 to 13 year old children with slightly advanced content and syllabus.This is also conducted as a weekly class on the weekend, and we see it as an opportunity for pre-teens to stabilize their beliefs and values before they land into the turbulent teens.[read_more url=”http://www.hamaraybachchay.com/our-programmes/misbah-al-quran/”]


Programs for Mothers & Teachers

Two of our programs are based on parenting and teacher training. The aim is to instill confidence and steadfastness in Muslim adults who have a key role in training and educainge children, the future of this Ummah. With the knowledge gained from these workshops, parents and teachers are better equipped to impart Islamic knowledge and values to children in their care. These programs are as follows:


Ummahat : This is a mothers’ Islamic parenting class. we try to ensure that mothers are kept up to date with what their children are being taught in the children’s programs, so that all concepts taught to children are also taught to mothers, and they can reinforce these concepts by applying them in the home.[read_more url=”http://www.hamaraybachchay.com/our-programmes/ummahat/”]



Teacher Training Workshops: Workshops are arranged on demand for teachers so that they can enhance their competency and ensure that they are equipped with the best possible techniques for teaching children and for handling any problems that might arise.[read_more url=”http://www.hamaraybachchay.com/our-programmes/teachers-training-workshops/”]