The tarbiyyah of a child is a never-ending process, from the day of birth all through childhood. To help you bring up your children according to the Islamic way, we bring you the following resources:
Newborns Pre-Schoolers


Learn to infuse your child with the strongest of Iman from Day 1. This section therefore contains important information, tips and advice for bringing up a new born child according to the spirit of Islam


The pre-school age is extremely important in a child’s upbringing. At this age, it is crucial that parents provide them with the right role models and build the right concepts. This section will help you give your child the right ideals and concepts as their understanding of the world grows more complex with some great resources.
Sunnah Tips
Here you will find some everyday, easy-to-follow sunnahs that you can practice with your children. With lots of images and videos, this part of the website is sure to attract children and let them learn to follow the Prophet in a fun, unique way.